A Book for All Seasons - $24.95

A Book for All Seasons - $24.95
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Make every Sunday Mass come alive for you by engaging in the prayers, singing the songs, and really paying attention to the readings and the homily – even after Mass is over.  

A Book for All Seasons is a valuable tool that can be used by anyone who wants to enrich their Mass experience. Provided within are the Scripture readings for all the Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation for the liturgical year. The book also provides space for taking homily notes. All too often families try to discuss the readings and the homily but can be frustrated by their lack of recollection of the readings and the homily. This book will facilitate discussion after the Mass.


Readers are also asked to answer probing reflection questions for each reading.  You will be asked to consider making a weekly (personal) resolution based on promptings from the Mass Readings or homilies. Also, the book contains a section of prayers and a record for your Sacraments of Reconciliation. Beautiful, stained glass window photographs divide the liturgical seasons.  


A Book for All Seasons Gift Set includes A Book for all Seasons, a complimentary book - Indulgences by Joan Czaia, and a Holy Spirit bookmark.

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