Surviving College: Laying the Foundations for the Moral Life

Surviving College: Laying the Foundations for the Moral Life
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Surviving College: Laying the Foundations for the Moral Life gives emerging adults concreted ideas to help ensue that their college years will be a worthwhile and civilizing experience.

Surviving College, a comprehensive and thoroughly researched book, is truly an eye opener as it lays bare the rash and reckless advice given and received by too many college students. It examines the difficulties of college life, beginning with the reasons why college is so difficult for many students. Too many students fail to pay attention to their immaterial needs (spiritual, emotional, and psychological) while pursuing materialistic goals. The college experience is less civilized than most realize. This book offers hope for survival during college. 

This book also asks readers to compare and contrast their overall wellness against their personal wellness factors including their social, psychological, academic, social spiritual and physical wellness. Students are asked to consider what constitutes the spent arrow, the spoken word and lost opportunities. This interactive book hopes that its readers leave college healthy and whole - body, mind and soul - because they heeded the warnings and followed the advice contained within its 382 pages. Study questions after each chapter make great discussion questions for small groups. 

Written by Linda Kracht. 

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